Containers for condiments, honey, ketchup and all kinds of dressings and mayonnaises.

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Vials and bottles ideal for capsules, pills, syrups and pharmaceuticals.

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Ideal containers for cleaning products, waxes, liquid detergents and more.

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Personal care

Jars and jars for gel, body oils, bronzers, shampoos and creams.

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Packaging in various colors and models to promote your brand or product.

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Plastic caps

We manufacture caps in various sizes, colors for our packaging.

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In the functional area of automation we build solutions aimed at improving the product of our clients. We combine knowledge with a passion for detail, without losing sight of the whole.

The design and development of projects is managed at the discretion and support of the National Council of Science and Technology through competitive, efficient, equitable, transparent and public procedures, managing to carry them out thanks to the resources obtained from the Innovation Stimulus Program as projects based on merit and quality.



We have a clear vision on creative processes and we apply the most advanced tools for the design, representation and execution of our projects, which are witnesses and emblems of our ability to offer the best of us in product design and management.

We work with platforms that allow us to communicate with any software, both engineering and design. We offer you a service which is designed so that any idea adapts to the objectives of your company.



We are committed to satisfying the safety and quality requirements of our clients through reliable processes, continuous improvement and competent personnel, always working under the applicable legal and regulatory framework.